An element that visitors to Quebec must absolutely consider is the wind.
Winter weather forecasts here always provide two numbers:
the temperature as displayed on the thermometer, and the temperature with wind chill factor.
The wind chill factor measures the degree of “chill” the skin senses.


A valid passport is sufficient for your visit to Quebec. No need for a Visa if you are resident of the European Community.
The following foreign nationals will need an eTA before boarding their flight to Canada : Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA).
For other nationalities, please take the time to contact the Canadian Embassy or local consulate if additional documentation is required before entering into Canada.
Click for more information on Visit Canada government of Canada.

Food and Vaccinations

The import of food is strictly regulated in Canada. It is not necessary to have a specific vaccination to visit Canada.


It is important that each client respects the security guidelines and instructions, failure to follow the safety rules may result in a major modification of your tour.

You’re Guides

Your guides are trained mechanics if problems arise with your snowmobile, as well your guide’s hold a diploma in first aid for remote area’s and are equipped with a first aid kit if needed.
For your safety our guides are equipped with a satellite tracking device that transmits your group’s location 24hours a day to our operation center.

The snowmobile driver

He must comply with the following rules and regulations
– Possess a valid driver’s license (car, motorcycle)
– Be a least 18 years old for regular trails
– Be a least 21 years old for off-trails
– Driver must be in possession of their driver’s permit at all times
It is not necessary to have an international driving license.

Snowmobile Rental and Terms, Deposit and Insurance Options

A guaranteed deposit of 2.875$ to 3.000$ non-taxable depending on the snowmobile model selected.
Your deposit will be returned upon completion of your tour package, except in an event where the client is responsible for the accident, and the repair amount will be deducted from the deposit and where there is a total loss to the snowmobile.
In case of total loss you are only responsible for the initial deposit.
Please Note: The deposit has to be paid before your departure, payment payable by Visa, MasterCard or American Express the amount will not be blocked.
There is an option to buy insurance on selected tour packages likes 600 – 800 – 1000 see details.
* This insurance can not be taken until the departure of the raid – At the customer’s subscription.

Electric power

Canada’s electrical supply and electrical outlets (sockets, wall plugs) are the same as those of the United States.
The electrical supply is 110 Volts. Universal adapters are suggested for charging your mobile phones and video cameras.


Wi-Fi available access in all our lodging.

Cell Phones

Warning: Signals for GSM mobile phones only work at a distance of 200km around Montreal and Quebec cities.
To save roaming and long distance charges use an unlooked phone with a local sim card where available.